Driver Coaching and

Accelerated Driver Development

Due to the nature of GT Racing, James has worked with and developed a series of Amateur (‘Am”) drivers in his time racing, as well as helping and advising a number of budding race drivers with their first steps into proper racing. He can see things from the drivers perspective, is empathetic but also encouraging, and extremely focused on targeting the areas which can deliver the biggest gains.

James is extremely conversant with the V-Box telemetry system and RaceLogic software, the data from which he can analyse. This alongside the included video imagery, he can guide drivers through the best way to quickly improve their lap times as well as their approach to driving and racing. He is available to help anyone, at any level, as they progress up the motorsport ladder. Contact James to discuss him helping you.

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Car Testing and
Set-Up - Driving

Utilising the skills developed from University combined with a thorough understanding of Race Car Dynamics and engineering, James is able to assist in the development and testing of race cars. Everything from a quick Shakedown through to full sweeps of data gathering is possible, as well as setting benchmark lap times and data sets for teams to utilise for their own testing. James is also often available (subject to clashes with his championship commitments) – to drive with Am’s and owners in their own cars at Race events in the UK and other parts of the world. Contact James for availability.

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